“WUGS” by Kevin McCloskey

An ant  sees an everything bagel on the ground. Their friend ant comes over and says they see sprinkles that are red and blue. It must be a doughnut. They scream to tell the others it is a doughnut party. There is a small note at the bottom of the panel that says Ants share everything.
What’s better—a doughnut or an everything bagel?

Nutty Conversations by Ruthie Lafond

Almond is wearing blue eyeglasses and asks Marcona how they look. Marcona says they look good but shouldn't they be asking Almond how Marcona looks now that they can see. Almond looks with glasses and without glasses and says that Marcona looks even better without glasses.
How would you draw something that looks blurry?

Norma & Belly by Mika Song

Norma, the skinny triangular squirrel says she is on top of the tallest tree in Brooklyn. Belly the round small squirrel shouts from another tree top that she is actually on the second-tallest tree as Belly ties a twig on to the top of the tree she is standing on to make it look taller than Norma’s tree.
What’s the tallest tree you’ve seen?

Mark & Zark by Dan Moynihan

Mark and Zark the martian are running in the rain. Mark has a book bag over his head as he jumps over a puddle. Zark is wearing a parka and boots. It's the Zark Weather Report. Zark looks at us and says you are probbly wondering what is "rain" and he explains that it is an exciting part of living on Earth that martians don't experience on Mars. A picture of Zark sleeping in a purple cave stalagtites. He is sleeping and drinking a bubbly beverage from a long winding straw. Above the cave is a large rusty red colored swirling land. Martians stay underground to stay out of the dust storms and frigid temperatures.
How would you describe rain to a Martian?

Isle of Elsi by Alec Longstreth

A kid in a yellow shirt and hood wearing eyeglasses with a sack full of dragon gold walks through green snow cvered pine trees. CRUNCH. The kid looks around but sees nothing. He says Hello? Crunch!
What is making the crunching sound?

Smol Frens by Kaeti Vandorn

Nublin, a little lemon headed critter colored black and white comes into the room with a pink radio on their head and announces it is time to dance. The other smol frens look excited and they all start wiggling and dancing.
What song are they dancing to?

Food City by Jarrett Lerner

A group of smiling blueberries labelled "BLUEBERRIES." A group of berries including a strawberry, a blueberry, a cranberry and a boysenberry all frowning and labelled "BLUE BERRIES."
What would cheer up those blue berries?

Peter Cadaver by Stan Yan

Peter Cadaver the boy who is green with stitches on his forehead is looking sad. He asks his older sister who is their mom. She is scooping a stew into a bowl. She says they don't have one. Peter asks how he should celebrate Mother's Day. Patty says Mother's Day is for anyone that takes care of you. Patty's tapeworm sticks out of her cheek and says Anyone? Peter shows a cake to Patty that says Happy Mother's Day Patty. And Patty looks very surprised.
Who protects, nurtures and cares for you?

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