Reggie by Jen de Oliveira

Reggie is running and looks mad. He jumps to protect a spider on the sidewalk. He says bugs are people too you know. Reggie picks up the spider and runs with it.
What do you do when you see a spider?

Mark & Zark by Dan Moynihan

Zark the Martian is playing with Mark's baby sister at the dinner table. Mark's baby sister squeezes Zark's fake pink nose. Honk. Mark runs over to stop her. Zark looks very worried.
What can Zark do to keep his nose from being honked?

Isle of Elsi by Alec Longstreth

A kid is in the darkness tied to a tree trunk. The kid starts to wake up. The kid hears the name RJ. The kid looks confused and asks Where am I? He gets tied next to a wizard with a long white beard and a purple robe and hat with stars on it. Besides them are the three giants. One is cooking something in a cauldron and the other two are playing a game that looks like chess. They are surrounded by snowy pine trees and two squirrels.
What game are the giants playing?

Smol Frens by Kaeti Vandorn

Pigmouse jumps up in the air. Wriggler springs up in the air. Nublin jumps in the air. Squb jumps in the air. Wzz, a big creature with black pants and a plant sprouting out of its head, is turning a jump rope with Stonebow, a black and white stone with a cute little bow on its head. The other smol frens jump as they turn it.
Do you know how to jump rope?

Food City by Jarrett Lerner

A blue orange and purple fruit loops are smiling. They are labeled FRUIT LOOPS. A carrot, a berry, a grape are riding a rollercoaster that goes in a loop. The picture is labeled fruit loops.
Have you been on a rollercoaster?

Peter Cadaver by Stan Yan

Belanie the little witch is lying in the grass with Peter Cadaver the green kid that looks like frankenstein. She asks Peter what's wrong. Peter is worried it's almost summer break. Belanie asks what's wrong with that. Peter replies it goes by too fast.
What does summer mean to you?

Norma & Belly by Mika Song

Belly the round squirrel is holding a pink glazed donut and standing outside a tree trunk. She jumps into a hole in the tree trunk. She says mmm... in the dark. Gramps, Little Bee and Norma scream surprise and Belly is about to eat the donut.
Is it your birthday? If it is–Happy Birthday!

From the Cartoonists:

  • Kaeti's Monster Friends has been nominated for a 2022 Eisner Award!

  • Isle of Elsi has been nominated for the 2022 Eisner Award in the Best Webcomic category! Congratulations to Kaeti and Alec!

  • Jarrett's Creator Club is a 6-week comic-making class for kids 6-12. Find out more here.

Until next week, stay silly!

Jen & Mika