Sleep Late by Izzy Boyce-Blanchard

A black and white comic of Nina the white rat and Roachie the cockroach. They are scampering around the woods by a river with some old plastic bottles on the ground. They notice one floating downstream. They ride on one that is cut in half down the river.
What can you make with an old plastic bottle?

Mark & Zark by Dan Moynihan

Mark the kid with curlypurple hair and Zark the green martian are hanging out. Mark shows Zark how to do origami but hesitates, when he asks Zark to fold the paper. Mark points out that Zark has no fingers. Zark has two pads like an oven mit for hands.
How do you think Zark the Martian will fold the paper?

Nutty Conversations by Ruthie Lafond

Pistachio and peanut are laying on the grass looking at the stars in the night sky. Pistachio asks Peanut if they know what is out there in the universe. Pistachio replies, Alienuts.
Have you ever seen an Alienut?

Isle of Elsi by Alec Longstreth

The wizard who is wearing a purple hat and cape is tied to a pole with the kid in glasses and yellow shirt. The wizard, Draziw, challenges the giants to a chess match. He says he can beat them with one hand tied behind his back literally. The squirrels in the tree nearby laugh. The giant with a pony tail gets mad and accepts the challenge. If the wizard wins he will free the two prisoners and if he loses the wizard will show the giants where the rest of the gold is.
Do you think Draziw will win the match?

Smol Frens by Kaeti Vandorn

Smol Frens are cute black and white creatures. Wriggler looks like a serpent wth short feet and arms and wears a party hat. Wriggler says hi to Drocket. Drocket is a dragon creature with a large pocket on his belly like a kangaroo. Wriggler asks to borrow a pencil from Drocket. Drocket digs around in their belly to find one. They pull outa rubber band ball, a paddle ball, cereal, books, a baseball bat and ball, a paint pallet.
Drocket says to Wriggler they will find it eventually.
What would you keep in your pocket?

Food City by Jarrett Lerner

A cute white onion smiles. It is labelled "WHITE ONION." A yellow onion waves, it is labelled "YELLOW ONION." A red onion winks, it is labelled "RED ONION." A plaid onion is labelled "PLAID ONION."
Are there any other onions?

Peter Cadaver by Stan Yan

Peter Cadaver, the green monster boy, is playing on his phone when his white-haired mad scientist father tells him he is sending him to camp so he won't be spending his entrie summer on the phone. The bus takes Peter to camp. At Camp, the other monster kids listen to the sasquatch camp counselor poiting to a list of scavenger hunt items. Peter asks how are they supposed to collect all those items? The camp counselor says on their phones. All the kids hold up their phones.
Do you use a phone for anything?

Reggie by Jen de Oliveira

Reggie the kid penguin has made a grocery store haiku in crayon. Reggie looks sad following his mother at the grocery store. Shopping with Mama is written on the top of the drawing on lined notebook paper. Reggie is drawn looking happy at some snacks on the shelves like gummy feet, Norma's donutsand cookies. The mom tells him to put those back.
Are Gummy Feet yummy?

Norma & Belly by Mika Song

Little Bee the small squirrel is riding in a rollerkate towards Norma and Belly the other squirrels. She screams "Happy National Doughnut Day!" as she skates around them. She skates away and Norma and Belly are confused. They don't get it. On the ground are wheel marks in circles around them.
Can you roller skate?

From the Cartoonists:

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Until next week, stay silly!

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