Nutty Conversations by Ruthie Lafond

Hazelnut and Macadamia are watching the night sky. They see a falling star and Macadamia says to make a wish. Macadamia imagines a fluffy eared dog. Hazelnut imagines catching a star. The star says Thanks. Hazelnut tells Macadamia they wished to catch a falling star. Hazelnut says then their dreamwon't come true because they told it to them. Hazelnut says that is only true for coins in a fountain and birthday candles. Macadamia says good to know.
Do you know any superstitions?

“WUGS” by Kevin McCloskey

In Wugs, a sad kid is taping a lost pet sign on a post. Another kid says Lost Pet, I can help you find it. The kid sees that the lost pet on the poster is an ant. The kid looks hesitant and says Maybe!
Have you seen any lost pets?

Isle of Elsi by Alec Longstreth

The wizard checkmates the giant even though he is tied to the post and only one has one hand free to play the chess game with. The wizard unties himself and the young boy from the post. The giants ask why they should let them go. The wizard puts his fingers in him mouth and whistles loudly. TWEET!
Can you whistle?

Smol Frens by Kaeti Vandorn

Pictures of notes taken by Wriggler about the smol Frens, Blick are shy and float thet look like drops with a small leaf growing from the top of their heads. Roro is a fix-it robot, and Dollops look like dumplings and are slimy. Keck is a weather UFO. Wriggler smiles and says that is all for the little guys. Roro hears this and look mad and tell the blicks and dollops and Keck that he is not a little guy.
Why was Roro upset?

Food City by Jarrett Lerner

A smiling potato waves. It is labelled POTATO. A sweet potato looks happy and is labelled SWEET POTATO. A sweet potato is holding a small bouquet of flowers, they are labelled SWEET SWEET POTATO. Another sweet potato does a trick on a skateboard it is labelled SWEET, SWEET POTATO!
What's your favorite way to use "sweet?"

Peter Cadaver by Stan Yan

Peter Cadaver the green monster boy, is on a scavenger hunt in the woods with Manny the mummy. They compare photos on their phones of things on the list they have found. The only thing they haven't found is the lake monster. Manny doesn't even know what it looks like so they do an image search on their phones and are impressed with the pictures they find. Behind the kids the lake monster, that looks like a dinosaur, is peeking over the tree line and looking at their phones too.
Have you ever gone on a scavenger hunt?

Norma & Belly by Mika Song

Norma the squirrel is walking on the sidewalk and sees a kid roll by on a scooter with donuts for wheels. Norma walks through the public pool and sees a giant donut hanging on the lifegaurd chair. Norma sees a donut shaped ripple in a puddle of water. Finally, Norma sees a giant pink glazed donut on under a sign that says BAGELS in a shop window.
Do you ever see donuts in the wild?

Mark & Zark by Dan Moynihan

Zark the green Martian in a teal hoodie gets close to Mark the purple haired kid and asks him if he thinks they needed finger to engineer hyperspeed spaceships? Did they need fingers to invent a forkulator? Zark is getting hyterical and asking if they needed fingers to build an undergroud utopia? Mark waves his hands to tell Zark to stop. Mark admits martian mitts are clearly superior. He asks if they can go back to origami now. Zark is calm again and makes a thumbs up with his mitts and says Yes, please.
Can you draw a forkulator?

From the Cartoonists:

  • Kevin will be signing books with his son, Daniel [CLOUD TOWN] on Father's Day, June 18 from 12-2 at Firefly Bookstore. More information here.

  • Sam Wedelich has illustrated a new picture book BEARPLANE that looks perfect for new airplane travelers.

Until next week, stay silly!

Jen & Mika