Mark & Zark by Dan Moynihan

Marcia tells Mark that if she ever catches him spying on her again she will... Mark throws his soccer ball back over the fence. Marcia boots him back over to his side of the fence. Zark the green martian is on the other side of the fence holding the soccer ball. Mark looks up at him and says ever since they met he has been falling on his butt more.
Have you ever lost a ball?

Food City by Jarrett Lerner

A lettuce leaf rolled around some ground food is labelled, "LETTUCE WRAP." A lettuce wearing sunglasses is rapping, "My name is lettuce and I'm here to say, I've got rhymes and fiber to fill you up all day!" It is labelled "Lettuce rap"
Can you rap about a food?

Nutty Conversations by Ruthie Lafond

Peanut and Corn nut are sitting at a desk drawing comics. Peanut folds their paper into an eight-page comic while Corn Nut draws on paper with markers. Corn Nut holds up their comic. Peanut says I think you made a poster.
Have you tried folding an 8-page book from one piece of paper?

Peter Cadaver by Stan Yan

Peter Cadaver the kid that looks like frankenstein is with his friend Belanie the witch at the school cafeteria. Belanie asks a Vampire Kid why they aren't hurt by sunlight. The kid replies that is a hurtful stereotype about vampires. The cook puts spaghetti on the Vampires tray. They sit at the table and Belanie asks why he likes garlic. The vampire kid says he loves garlic and eats his spaghetti. Belanie and Peter look at each other with surprise. Peter says that is probably also a vampire stereotype.
Can you think of a stereotype?

Smol Frens by Kaeti Vandorn

In Smol Frens, the gang of creatures are looking for a singer for their band. Wriggler the serpent looking creature suggest they try Beakulent. Beakulent says they can't sing but they can dance. The Smol Frens all start to dance!
Would you rather sing or dance?

Frog-o-Mighty and the Ice Lollies by Edward Picot

Two sparrows argue infront of a sign that says Frog-O-Mighty's Ice Lollies Large or Small. One sparrow wants a large. The other wants a small. A penguin appears and says He's coming.
Larges or Smalls?

Cat Stevens by Marc Jackson

Cat Stevens the brown cat in sunglasses is skating down the street. He goes up a skate ramp and flies into the sky over an airplane. Someone in the airplane says there goes Cat Stevens. He's such a cool cat.
Have you ever been surprised by a cat?

Norma and Belly by Mika Song

Belly a round squirrel is juggling three acorns. Norma the pointy squirrel throws a banana in the things Belly is juggling. Belly keeps juggling as Norma adds in a plastic knife. Belly juggles as Norma throws in a donut. Belly catches the donut in her mouth and lets the other things she was juggling fall around her.
Have you tried juggling?


  • Jarrett's second Hunger Heroes book is coming in less than a month. You can pre-order signed copies from Silver Unicorn Books!

  • UK! Marc will have Cat Stevens mini comics at Treacle Market on Sunday, Sep. 25.

  • Maryland! Today at Small Press Expo, Jarod will be doing a panel with Top Shelf at 2:30 PM Booth W 56-59!

Until next week, stay silly!

Jen & Mika