Nutty Conversations by Ruthie Lafond

Pine nuts Pinolli Brothers are talking to the Pumpkin Seed twins. The twins ask where they come from and Pinollis say they come from inside Pine cones. Isn't nature amazing? In a thought balloon a pumpkin and a pinecone give each other a high five.
Can you think of any other costumes that aren't scary?

Wugs by Kevin McCloskey

A blue bird flies down to a rat and says they are called BIG WORD RAT. Rat says Affirmative. The bird says is that a yes? Rat replies Unquestionably. Bird says they would like to talk to SMALL WORD RAT please.
Do you know anyone like BIG WORD RAT?

Peter Cadaver by Stan Yan

Peter Cadaver and his sister Patty Cadaver are sitting on their couch. Patty remarks that a turkey has been presidentially pardoned. The doorbell rings. Peter answers the door, it is a turkey dressed in a shabby suit asking for donations for a displaced turkey fund.
What should Peter do about the turkey?

Smol Frens by Kaeti Vandorn

Strongbow is hiking to the top of Big Top Hill with another smol fren Wuzz. Strongbow says I know we came here last year but everything looks different in a new season. The leaves are orange and falling and the sky is turning a cool blue.
Did you see any signs of winter coming in the comic?

Reggie by Jen de Oliveira

Reggie the kid penguin is writing in his journal about squash. His mother asked him to try some. He said ick and looks disgusted. He draws a squashed sandwich being stepped on. He asks why you would want to eat anything that sounded like it was being squished. He tells his mom he is allergic and his mom says he will bring him to the doctor to get tested. He asks if there will be needles. He decides to try it. He says its not bad, like a not sour pickle.
How would you describe squash?

Sleep Late by Izzy Boyce-Blanchard

Nina the white rat runs up the tree to save Roachie the cockroach who is in a nest. Roachie looks at a falling tree and thinks. Roachie comes sailing down on a leaf. Dont worry about me! says Roachie to Nina.
Would you like to catch a ride on a leaf?

Mark & Zark by Dan Moynihan

Zelda the older girl opens the door to Marks room. Mark the kid and Zark the martian jump under the giant underwear of Mark that they accidentally zapped with a Biginator in the last comic. Mark waves her away saying they aren't doing anything. Zark the Martian says hi Zelda from under the giant underwear.
Is it just me or does that blanket look funny?

Food City by Jarrett Lerner

A picture of a sandwich with lots of layers of food inside labelled "TURKEY CLUB." Two turkeys stand in front of a sign that says "NO CHIKINZ ALLOWED". It is labelled "TURKEY CLUB"
Do you have a club?

The Bug Zapper by Tom Eaton

Mean Mosquito is in the kitchen with bee. The bee is reading a book and telling mean mosquito that every year the president pardons a turkey. The mosquito says they could use a presidential pardon. The bee says me too. The look sad. They are dressed up as turkeys and saying gobble gobble outside the white house.
Who would you pardon?


Until next week, stay silly!

Jen & Mika