Mr. Wolf by Aron Nels Steinke

A smiling dog student goes up to Mr. Wolf to ask what their prize is. Mr. Wolf goes through his drawer of stuff. He reaches his hand up to a high bookshelf and breaks off a piece of chocolate from up there. He gives it to the student and says that it will grow hair on their chest.
Does your teacher hide things in the classroom?

Reggie by Jen de Oliveira

Reggie is sleeping in bed wearing a black and gold party hat. The dinosaur clock on his nightstand starts to ring. He jumps out of bed and screams Happy New Year!
Would you like an alarm clock like Reggie’s?

Norma & Belly by Mika Song

Norma the squirrel is talking and Belly the squirrel is staring at her. Norma stops talking and turns into pizzas. She asks Belly if she’s imagining her as a pizza. Belly says with olives.
An olive rolls off Norma’s body.
Do you think Norma looks like a pizza?

Mark & Zark by Dan Moynihan

Mark is tired from haning out with Zark while pretending he is a human and not a Martian. Womp he flops into bed and his shoes drop off to the ground. Mark closes his eyes. He dreams of a colorful land full of strange plants and buildings. He is walking with Zark on a yellow winding road.
Do you ever draw your dream?

Peter Cadaver by Stan Yan

Peter Cadaver is in a yellow winter coat with his mouth open to catch a snowflake on his toungue outside the castle. A girl pops out from behind a tree and tosses a snowball into Peter's mouth. Blini the witch casts a spell to make a snowman attack the snowball kid. Patty Cadaver looks scared at the snowball fight she sees outside of the window. The tapeworm is looking at the mug of hot cocoa on the window sill and smiling.
Would you rather be inside or outside?

Smol Frens by Kaeti Vandorn

The smoll frens are all relaxing on the grass under a big night sky full of twinkling stars. A shooting star goes past and they all watch it and smile.
Have you ever made a wish on a star?

Sleep Late by Izzy Boyce-Blanchard

Papa rat and Nina rat are in the snow. Nina wants to know what it is. Papa rat explains to Nina what snow is. Nina stands up to catch a snowflake on her tongue. Nina gets cold and runs to Papa who looks worried and is holding a blanket for her.
How do you draw a snowflake?

Nutty Conversations by Ruthie Lafond

A nut is sleeping in bed in blue polka dot sheets and smiling, they are dreaming of a snowflake. They wake up and realize something. They slide down the stairs, weeeee. They are outside playing in the snowflakes. Yes!
Have you ever had a dream that came true?

From the Cartoonists:

  • Danger on Mount Choco Volume 3 of the Blue, Barry and Pancakes series by Dan and Jason comes out on January 4.

  • Happy Nut Year!

Until next week, stay silly!

Jen & Mika